Our opening day had finally come: Monday, February 13th, 2012. We purposefully didn't make any announcement that we were opening because we knew we needed to get our feet firmly planted beneath us, and work out all the kinks we had experienced during our friends and family night. But having said that, word somehow got around and our guests began to arrive, and arrive, and arrive.

Our very first guests

Makiyo, Tara and Henry Ferrell

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More Opening Day Guests

It was a busy day that gave us a great opportunity to work out kinks in our processes, and discover some things that we were struggling with. The community and our guests were kind and understanding and gave us great feedback on what we needed to change and improve. The adventure had begun.

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First Valentine's Day Guests; our 2nd Day Open

In the hustle and bustle of opening week, it never occurred to us that our 2nd day open was Valentine's Day, one of the busy days of the year in the restaurant business. When it dawned on us we scrambled to put together some specials for the day and somehow managed to pull it off as a success

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More Opening Week Guests

More Soft Opening Guests: February 20 - March 16, 2012

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234 SW Market St
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Sunday - Thursday 11:30 - 9
Friday - Saturday 11:30 -10

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