Welsh Dragon Slayers

When the Celtic Fringe first opened we had a wing sauce on our menu that was referred to as "Blow Your Kilt Up Hot." It was made with Bhut Jolaki Peppers (Ghost Peppers), honey and vinegar. It was very flavorful and extremely hot. We had one customer, who shall remain nameless, who would eat this sauce like he was drinking chocolate milk. When asked how he could so easily eat a sauce so hot and intense in flavor he replied "you can't burn me!! I can eat any hot sauce there is." Well, challenge accepted. Owner and Executive Chef, Gary, set out to create the most flavorful and spicy hot sauce he could. While wanting it to be extremely hot he also wanted it to be delicious. The result: Welsh Dragon Sauce® was born. A unique proprietary blend of 17 ingredients including the Carolina Reaper pepper (the hottest pepper in the world). This sauce is sweet, aromatic and extremely HOT. When we discontinued offering wings the absolutely delicious Welsh Dragon Burger® was created, which comes with a warning and disclaimer on our menu: "USE EXTREME CAUTION!! Contains CAROLINA REAPER PEPPERS which may case great discomfort in sensitive individuals". But nevertheless, many brave souls have given it a go. Those that have been successful at finishing the burger are immortalized below.

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